Calvary believes that ministry is the natural result of being a disciple of Christ. As His followers, we are called to live in a way that is consistent with His teachings and testimony. All of our ministries intentionally flow from the desire to make and mature disciples of Christ.
Our people have started various evangelistic outreaches in an effort to get the Gospel to places it is not ordinarily heard. This includes ministries such as:


We believe that the Word must be central to what we love, think and do. While the Word is taught during our corporate worship, it is not sufficient for the life of the believer. We strive to be intentional, not only teaching the content of Scripture, but strive to train our people to teach others.
This includes Sunday School, Sunday night studies, Wednesday Evening Prayer/Bible study, Women’s and Men’s Bible Studies and Small Groups. Contact us for details.

Believers must spend time with believers. God commands it. We are to pray together. We are to fellowship with one another so that we may build stronger relationships forming the basis for encouragement and exhortation. We encourage this on an informal level, but try to model it by scheduling fellowships on a regular basis. While we do have some age-based ministries, all of them are geared to equip people to work with the body of believers as a whole, and not to appeal to any particular demographic. The church is to be diverse in the most literal sense of the word. This includes:

  • Men and Women’s Bible studies/Activities/Prayer meetings
  • Sunday Fellowship Meals
  • Age-based fellowships

We also practice individual one to one discipleship as opportunity and desire allow.

At Calvary, we do not believe that we should be “attenders” but participants in the great work that God is doing by drawing believers to Him, and making them into His likeness.