It is the responsibility of the local Church not only to test and train men for domestic and international ministry but also to send, support, sustain, nurture and care for them while they are on the field. Every missionary supported by the local Church is considered to be an integral part of the extended church family and thus it is both the privilege and responsibility of Calvary Baptist Bible Church to meet these needs:

In an effort to faithfully shepherd and care for our missionaries on the field we emphasize quality of relationship rather than quantity. Therefore, the financial support of the church will be directed to a smaller concentration of missionaries, who are truly gifted, called and qualified to effectively carry out the work in a biblical and God-honoring way. This enables us:

  1. To more effectively shepherd each missionary
  2. To be more intimately involved in their ministry work through continual prayer, regular correspondence and periodic field visits
  3. To provide a level of ongoing training and encouragement through the sending of resources (books and articles), counseling, teaching seminars on the field, and mission’s conferences.

Our Missionary Family